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Pangolin Digital is a group of digital technicians and craftsmen with a broad experience of helping artists, designers, architects and cultural institutions to achieve their creative ambitions.


No matter how large or small your requirements, we have the experience to help you complete your project on budget, on time and at the quality your ideas deserve.


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Our range of services increases almost daily as we discover new technology, new software, new ways of working, new artists, new challenges and new opportunities. Our core activities generally fall under 3 areas; Scanning or digital capture. Digital modelling and 3D realisation.


Lidar scanning to capture environments

Laser scanning to capture objects

Photogrammetry to capture people and animals

Photogrammetry for Augmented and Virtual Reality

Digital Modelling

Digital sculpting of organic objects

Hard modelling of non organic objects

Cleaning and enhancing scan data

CAD modelling for armatures and planning

3D development of 2D artworks

Algorithmic creations

3D Realisation

Rendering and 3D visualisation

5 Axis milling

Large format FDM printing 1M x 1M x 0.5M

Small format FDM printing (multiple printers for faster prints)

DLP printing

Multi jet printing (High accuracy plastic)

CJP printing

Laser Cutting

CNC Cutting and machining


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